trainpro - 1st annual hurricane workshop

Come Learn to Be An Adjuster.... The New Way!

TrainPro  is excited to present our 1st Annual Hurricane Workshop located in Baton Rouge, LA. Xactware Certified Trainers Jill Smith and  Bruce Authement have a combined 20 years of storm management, field training and hands-on experience and are ready to share their knowledge to workshop attendees.  

This 3-Day workshop will teach the newer adjuster what it takes to survive the rigors of Catastrophe Adjusting. Many adjusters come in wide-eyed with grand dreams of riches from the big storm.  And many go home empty handed.  Unless you are truly prepared mentally, physically, and educated and proficient in Xactimate, policy and ethics, you will likely fall into the group that goes home empty handed.

Our goal is to prepare attendees to be not only a success on their first deployment, but how to stand out among the many who will be in the field trying to impress their management.


3-day training curriculum


This dynamic class will teach you the highlights of the Homeowners and Rental policies and endorsements where you will walk away with a complete understanding to guide you through the storm.


All adjusters must adhere to a strict code of ethics to protect the homeowners,  the Insurance carriers,  and themselves. We will explain the principles you must adhere to protect everyone involved.

Time Management

In order to be successful in a Catastrophe environment, you must be able to wear many hats during the storm. You are the Receptionist, the Salesman, the Adjuster, the Counselor and must be able to manage all of these roles.

Xactimate Mobile

 Whether you are brand new to Xactimate, or have years of experience, this 1-Day training will be the game-changer you are looking for in the field. Our 2 Xactware Certified Trainers are the best in the Industry when it comes to Xactimate Mobile.

Customer Service Skills

Keeping the customer informed throughout the claims process is key to great customer service. We will teach you the skills needed ensure that you succeed in maintaining a healthy relationship with the Insured and the client throughout the claims process.

Xactimate Skills Assessment

Do you  feel like you are well prepared to successfully navigate the Hurricane as an adjuster? On Day 3 you will take a Skills Assessment course that will help you and us understand your readiness, and make suggestions for you to be successful.

XACTIMATE basic/fundamentals- 1-DAY TRAINING - friday, Aug. 9th


Learn the Basics of Xactimate as you prepare for Level 1 Certification

Our 2 Xactware Certified Trainers will ensure that you are qualified to successfully navigate Xactimate Desktop, including sketch, photos, and line item search and entry. This will prepare you to take the Level 1 Certification. 

Xactimate Proficiency - 1-Day training - friday, aug. 9th

Get More Out of Xactimate and Prepare for Level 2 Certification

This class is the 2nd part of the 3-Day Fundamentals & Proficiency Training. Students will learn more of the advanced sketching features, and learn more on line-item search and entry. This class is a continuation of the Fundamentals training that is being presented in the Hurricane Workshop. Students are prepared to take the Level 2 Certification with the training.