Management/Activity reports allow you to monitor the work performed by your adjusters, contractors, and employees, the flow of estimates in specific regions and data sets, and trends in materials usage and cost. You can even compare your organization’s data to industry competitors with a number of reports. This information can help you spot bottlenecks in your organization’s workflow, anomalies in estimate data, and company trends alongside industry trends, allowing you to better manage the work performed within your organization.


Access Management/Activity Reports

•  Select Management/Activity Reports from the Reports menu. 

•  You must have the Run Activity Reports and XactAnalysis Management Reports application right to access Management/Activity Reports.  



1. Select a report from the Report menu.

2. Use the menus, fields, and check boxes in the Report Criteria and Report Filters sections to filter the data you want displayed in the report. 

3. Click the Start Date and End Date SmartCalendar buttons to choose start and end dates for the report, and click Continue. A few reports show only current information and will automatically grey-out these fields.

Management reports display data from estimates uploaded during the selected date range. If multiple iterations of the estimate have been uploaded, the report uses the latest upload. Activity reports, in contrast, display assignment data regardless of whether a completed estimate has been uploaded yet.

You can view a previously-generated report rather than creating a new one. To do this, click the Report Library SmartList button, select the report from the list, and click Continue. The report appears.


The Confirmation page appears. Make sure the email address in the address field is correct, and click Submit. If you do not enter an email address, the report will still be generated, but you will not be notified. You can find the report in the Report Library once it has been generated. 


  • Code Upgrade by Category
  • Corrosion Mitigation
  • Corrosion Mitigation Opportunity
  • Estimate Collaboration Reasons
  • Estimate Depreciation Usage
  • Estimate Flooring Usage
  • Estimate Inclusion Issues
  • Estimate Items by Quality
  • Estimate Minimum/Base Service Charge Usage
  • Estimate NFCP Usage
  • Estimate Overhead and Profit
  • Estimate Roofing Usage
  • Estimate Scoping Overlap
  • Estimate Siding Usage
  • Estimate Tax Usage
  • Estimate Type of Loss
  • Estimate/Price List Differences
  • Estimate/Price List Differences for Contents
  • Labor Efficiency Usage
  • Payment Tracker Override Reasons
  • Percentage Breakdown of Estimate by Department
  • Percentage Breakdown of Estimate by Trade
  • Percentage Deviation of Estimate by Trade
  • Restored Flooring
  • Salvageable Flooring
  • Top 20 Causes of Loss
  • Top 20 Material Categories



 The following Trend management reports are available in XactAnalysis®, depending on your company’s settings and your rights.  

  • Estimate Breakdown by Labor/Materials/Equipment
  • Estimate Trending
  • Estimate Trending for Contents



  • Average Value
  • Contents Cost Comparison
  • Contents Recap by Age
  • Adjuster/Contractor Utilization
  • Discounted Items
  • Estimate Audit Results
  • Estimate Breakdown by Department
  • Estimate Breakdown by NFCP Reason
  • Estimate Breakdown by Trade
  • Estimate Breakdown by Type
  • Estimate Depreciation Usage Line Item
  • Estimates with Sketches and Photos
  • Frequently Used Items
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Initial Response Time
  • Initial Response Time Multiple Owners
  • Items Changed by Adjuster/Contractor
  • Loss Value Range
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Payment Tracker
  • Price Deviations
  • Response Time
  • Sub Limits
  • Supplement
  • Supplements and Corrections by Reason
  • Timely Estimate Variance
  • Total Claims Volume
  • Type of Loss
  • Value Range
  • ZIP Codes



  • Agent Claim Volume
  • Assignment Aging
  • Assignment Summary
  • Average File Size
  • Adjuster/Contractor Activity
  • Claim Summary
  • Contents Comparison
  • Contents Line Item Summary by Adjuster
  • Estimate Collaboration Summary
  • Estimate Correction Summary
  • Estimate Review Summary
  • Executive Overview w/ Onsite Payment by Adjuster
  • In Progress Adjuster/Contractor Activity
  • Pending Assignments
  • Summarized Executive Overview
  • Summarized Executive Overview with Onsite Payment
  • User Productivity



  • Assignment Aging
  • Assignment Approvals
  • Benchmark Usage
  • Claim Life Cycle
  • Contents Summary
  • Desk Adjuster
  • Duplicate Assignment per Job Type
  • Emergency Mitigation
  • Job Status Roofing
  • Measured Goals
  • Personal Rules
  • Pre-VAT Amount
  • Price List Deviation
  • Report Access Log by Data Set
  • Report Access Log by Name
  • Report Access Log by User
  • Response Time by Contractor
  • Response Time by Property Owner
  • Reviewed With Exceptions Initial Response Time
  • Salvage
  • Top 10 Vendor Geographic
  • Transaction Counts
  • Vendor Scorecard
  • Xactimate Version and Profiles