Why Should I Get Certified? What's the Big Deal?


The User Certification program provides a controlled exam to independently verify the user's product knowledge and proficiency. Users can certify at three different levels: Level 1 - Fundamentals, Level 2 - Proficiency, and Level 3 - Mastery. Each level increases in difficulty and is considered a prerequisite for the next level.

User Certification gives employers confidence that they employ some of the most qualified estimators, and those who are certified can market themselves as the best in the business.

How Do I get prepared?

Student's who enroll in our 3-Day Basic and Intermediate training class are well prepared to take and successfully pass the Level 1 exam. Many of our students go on to take and pass the Level 2 certification.

Want to stand out amongst your peers? Take our Mastery Class and then you will be ready to take and pass the Level 3 exam.