Mastering Xactimate Virtual Classroom Training

Course Summary

TrainPro has taken their popular 3-Day Xactimate Mastery Training class and turned it into a 3-Day training that students can take from the home or office.  

Xactimate Mastery Virtual Classroom Training is designed for advanced users, building on their existing Xactimate skills to increase efficiency.

With Xactimate Mastery Virtual Classroom Training, you will learn how to take your estimating to the next level utilizing advanced estimating techniques.

Our instructors will teach methods to  increase your estimating speed and efficiency. Learn keyboard shortcuts to speed up sketching. Learn more about using variables and sub-variables in line-item estimating. Increase your skills on complex interiors and roofs. Our trainers customize the curriculum based on the needs of each student enrolled in the class.

This course is designed to prepare users for the Level 3 Certification Exam.



This course provides engaging, interactive training while allowing students to participate in the convenience of their home or office. Xactimate Mastery Virtual Classroom Training, designed for advanced users, will build on users’ existing Xactimate knowledge and skills as they learn advanced estimating methods to increase efficiency. 

With Xactimate Mastery Virtual Classroom Training, you will spend a couple of hours each day learning to master Xactimate through hands-on training. Those who already have a grasp on the basic and intermediate concepts of Xactimate will learn how to take their estimating to the next level as they utilize advanced estimating tips, tricks, and techniques. 


Students of this course should meet the following prerequisites before attending class: 

Computer and Internet system requirements:

  • High-speed Internet with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
  • Laptop with Xactimate installed and external mouse. A live Demo copy of Xactimate is acceptable for the training class. Please make sure it is up and running prior to the start of training.
  • A telephone to allow for dial-in voice, or a working computer microphone to use during the training.

Computer skills

  • Comfortable navigating through Microsoft Windows
  • Experienced in saving files and opening .zip files on the computer.
  • Basic typing proficiency (15+ words per minute)
  • General understanding of the property loss industry and terminology 

*** NOTE: Students of this class must meet the system and computer skill requirements outlined in the Course Summary documents listed above or they may be asked to leave the class. 


This course is conducted in a virtual classroom environment accessed through the Internet and telephone. In addition to the virtual classroom training, students are required to complete two, one-hour study sessions during the week of the training class. The 8 hour course consists of three virtual classroom sessions and two self-study sessions.


Students of this course will learn the following: 

  • In depth training on the use of variables and sub-variables in estimating
  • Use of the custom staircase tool, and how to properly measure and sketch the stairs
  • Calculation of areas/rooms beneath the stairs
  • Advanced roof sketching and graphically estimating roofing line items
  • Graphical estimation of flooring
  • Estimating in Elevation View and 3-D View
  • Complex building estimation including multiple floor and ceiling heights, arced walls and more
  • Advanced search techniques, related and similar item search features
  • Effective use of macros and templates in estimating
  • Use of tokens to create efficiency in reporting


DAY 1 - Sketch and Graphical Estimation  (2-1/2 Hour Session includes introduction)*

DAY 2 - Complex Roofs and Interiors  (2 Hour Session)*

DAY 3 - Macros and Templates (2 Hour Session)

* One hour of self-study is required outside of the schedule class session. 

Note: Course registration includes all three class sessions. Customers must participate in all three class sessions to receive their completion certificate.  Day 1 and 2 sessions also have a 1-hour-self study.